Select the type of activity

There are two levels of content.

  • 1) Is the activity itself. For example the descend on a singletrack for MTB.

  • 2.1) Is the whole tour including the uphill on gravel road, the descend on singletrack, and ride back to the start on tarmac road.

  • 2.2) or the access to the start of an activity.

Level 1

MTB Singletrack

Typically a narrow path below 1,5m width. It can be also be a purpose built mountain bike track. It is not limited to a certain type of bike. It can be suitable for XC, Enduro, and DH bikes. Can be uphill, downhill or both.

Different way types:
If the track contains short parts of gravel road - for example to connect two singletracks - it is up to you if you split the track into two or not. The ride, should be as continuous as possible without creating too many individual trails. The connections on no singletrack should be very short though (max. 10-20% of the singletrack).

Only if all parts are on singletracks (access, climb, descend, flat parts). If not, cut the track to the parts on singletrack. You still can show the whole tour including the access and climbs: Therefore see paragraph “d” below.

MTB Cross-Country/Gravel

Mix of all kinds of terrain. Singletrack, gravel, tarmac roads. Separates from the "Tour cycling" category through it's sportive character and technical demands. Can be loops (whole tours)

MTB Fatbike

Biking on snow. Tracks may not exist in summer.


Parkour for bikes, skateboards, scooters. Waves and banked turns allow to gain speed just by pushing & pulling (pumping) the sport device up and down.

Dirt jumps

Jumps in all variations for all kinds of skill levels.

Road biking

Cycling on tarmac roads. The focus is more sportive than Tour Cycling, to overcome a certain distance or climb.

Tour Cycling

Focus is on being outdoors, enjoying nature, sightseeing, and easy pleasure. It's not about sportive performance, and accomplishing technical difficult routes. The bicycles are made for sealed roads. There can be parts on compact gravel roads or narrow tracks that have no technical challenges.


Walking activity with or without technical demands. Usually on gravel roads or narrow paths.

Level 2


A whole tour from A to A or A to B. Must have one main activity category, so it can be related to it.


How to get to the start of an activity or to a location. A to B. Must have one main activity category, so it can be related to it.

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