Trailguide destination solutions

Destination level visibility (€1500 per year)
Add your destination to the trailguide map as an icon with your own logo. The icon will be visible from zoom level 9.

Landing page (€500 per year)
Having your own landing page in Trailguide gives your guests and visitors simple and instant access to your own custom digital tour guide reachable either by a unique web address or a custom QR code.

Activity manager (from €500 per year)
If you want to add other activities than bike trails and tours, you can do so with the activity manager module. This module will also give you full control over the content you present to your guests and visitors by hand-picking your tours and activities.

Activity branding (€500 per year)
Brand your official activities with your destination icon and name.

Collection manager (€500 per year)
Make your own QR codes with custom content for different target audiences. Make for instance one for hard-code trail bikers, one for family friendly trails, one for nice gravel roads, and one for hiking.

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Destinations are visibile from zoom level 9Landing page with destination informationCustom digital tour guide for your guests and visitorsBrand your activities with your icon and destination name
Destinations are visibile from zoom level 9

Web site integration (€500 per year)
Integrate trailguide content in your own web pages and have a single source of activity content.

Web site integration

Custom printed map (€2000)
Trailguide designs and makes stunning physical maps for you which will act as a center piece in your tourist office and inspire your visitors to go out and explore. Maps can be printed up to 2.5 meters wide.

The maps are printed on aluminum and look absolutely stunning, giving your guests an overview over the area along with an amazing level of detail. Every map has a QR code to your landing page on Trailguide.

Custom printed maps
QR-code starter pack

QR-code starter pack (free)
You get your own custom QR code which opens your landing page when guests and visitors scan it. We prepare the QR-code for you in an A6 size format which you can print.

We also send you 20 stickers with the same QR code which you can place around at appropriate places.

Trailguide destination solutionPrice
Custom map€2000
Destination level visibility€1500Yearly
Landing page€500Yearly
Activity manager€500Yearly
100 managable activities€1000Yearly
Activity branding€500Yearly
Collection manager€500Yearly
Web site integration€500Yearly
3 admin users€400Yearly
QR-code starter packfree
Total including first year€7400
The solution is flexible and can be adjusted to your custom needs
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