The app

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You can present your activities as tracks and points on the map along with a description and images. Activities can be searched and filtered, downloaded and used for navigation.
Guest values
Users can easily find the right activities. The app can be used for information and navigation. That makes it easy to focus on the important things and enjoy the experience.

Easy accessibility

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Provide the best possible guest experience by making information and features easily accessible. Surpass your customers expectation by providing a free and easy to use tool.
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Planning and navigating becomes very easy so your users can focus on their activities. No download, no installation, no registration needed! The Trailguide technology makes it possible to instantly access a fully functional app without barriers. Just scan a qr-code, or open

The App

Embed interactive maps on your website

Your value
Inspire your guests before they decide to come. The interactive map and list with filter and search makes it easy to find activities. Show what your destination offers to increase the amount and length of your bookings.
Guest values
Already on your website users can find quality information about the activities you offer. The web plugin and the app is the same and makes it easy for the user to use the tools at home at the computer, or while traveling, and to navigate outdoors on the phone.

Integrate content


Customize Trailguide to show simple interactive maps on your website, or benefit from all features of a complete tourism platform. Choose the modules you need, scale the software to the size of your business:


A Hotel uses Trailguide to upload and create collections with the best bike tours, and hiking trips. They embed an interactive map on their website to show potential customers what they can do during their stay. Print outs at the reception contain a qr-code linking to the activities. That makes it very easy for the guests. They only have to scan the code to instantly get the needed information and the app with a map and navigation.
/solutions/phone.pngThe AppFree
/solutions/activity2.pngManage content5.000
/solutions/collection.pngCreate collections5.000
Amount of content
/solutions/activity2.png25 activities2.500
Add on
/solutions/users.png1 additional administrator2.000
Total price per year19.500 kr
/solutions/phone.pngThe AppFree
/solutions/activity2.pngManage content5.000 kr
/solutions/collection.pngCreate collections5.000 kr
/solutions/integration.pngIntegrate content5.000 kr
/solutions/landingpage.pngLanding page5.000 kr
/solutions/statistics.pngStatistics5.000 kr
Amount of content
/solutions/activity2.pngPrice per activity100 kr
Add on
/solutions/users.pngAdditional administrator2.000 kr
/solutions/web2.pngAdditional domain4.000 kr
All prices per year, without VAT