Trailguide Landing Page

By having your own landing page in the Trailguide app you automatically get your own customized digital tourguide where your guests and visitors can find the available local tours and activities.

Your guests and visitors can easily browse and filter for local tours, activities, and available services they might need during their stay. They will have access to detailed tour information, images, maps, and of course live GPS navigation.

Your landing page will also have information about your destination, driving directions, web site, facebook page, email, and phone.

Trailguide users will also discover your landing page while using the app, find out about your existence and get access to your custom tours and activitivies not officially displayed in the app.

Hallingdal Rides on Trailguide
iphone frameYour own landing page on Trailguide
Landing page content

Your landing page shows your name and logo along with the address and phone number. There are links to your website, facebook page, and driving directions. You have your own beautiful cover image showing off your region and text highlighting your offerings. There is a map giving an overview of all your tours and list your guests can browse through, just like a restaurant menu.

iphone frameLanding page for Storefjell
The landing page of Storefjell with a beautiful image of their mountain surroundings. There are links to their website, facebook page, email, phone number, and driving directions.
iphone frameLanding page of Hallingdal Rides
Users can filter for activities and easily find something suitable to them and their family.
iphone frameLanding page with local services
As a tourist destination you can showcase local businesses offering services to guests and visitors on your landing page.