Local service advertisement

Local service visibility (€400 per year)
If you want to have your hotel, b&b, campsite, café, bar, sports shop, guiding service, or other suitable business you can add it as an icon to the Trailguide map. The icon will be visible from zoom level 12.

Business information and contact details
Clicking on the icon of your business will display a popup box with information about it, including what services you offer, links to the website and facebook page, phone number, email address, and driving directions.

Visibility in tour descriptions
Your local service will be visible in every tour and activity description on trailguide within 20km of your location.

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Local services are visibile from zoom level 12Clicking the map icon displays contact detailsYour business is visible in tour descriptions within 20km of your location
Local services are visibile from zoom level 12
Local service advertisementPrice
Visible as an icon on the map€400Yearly
Visible in tour descriptions within 20kmincluded
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You can also add a landing page and order a custom printed map.
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