Digitalizing the outdoors

Trailguide develops software and technology to help the tourism sector digitalize outdoor activities and make them available for guests and visitors
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Trailguide has great outdoor activities all over the worldEnsure the presence of your tourist destination on TrailguideHave your own landing page with your own tours on TrailguideEasy access to activities for your guests and visitorsDetailed tour information, great maps, and clear tracksBuilt-in navigation for your guests and visitors
Trailguide has great outdoor activities all over the world

At Trailguide, we believe that technology can enhance and enrich the outdoor experience. That's why we develop innovative software and technology solutions specifically designed for the tourism industry.

Our goal is to help you digitalize your outdoor activities and make them accessible and convenient for your guests and visitors.

With Trailguide, you can offer your guests an enhanced and interactive outdoor experience, all while streamlining your operations and maximizing efficiency.

Let us help you take your outdoor offerings to the next level with our cutting-edge technology.

Easy access for your guests and visitors

Instant access by scanning a QR code

Trailguide is the ultimate tool for outdoor enthusiasts looking to discover new activities and destinations.

The app offers a wide range of features, including digital maps, tour descriptions, reviews, condition reports, and live GPS navigation.

As a tourist destination or resort you can make use of the app and its existing content or you can create your own custom content and make it available for your guests and visitors.

The best part? There's no need for installation or user registration for your guests - just start exploring!

"Trailguide is a fantastic app to plan and try out tours and activities in our area. Since all our tours are on Trailguide it is easy for our guests to find them. It also gives our local inhabitants a new platform for exploring new tours and activities in their own local area"

- Mari Clementine Østgaard, Visit Ål

Make sure you are visible

Ensure your presence in the Trailguide app

Are you looking to increase visibility and attract more guests to your destination, resort, hotel, campsite, shop, or café? Trailguide can help!

By adding your destination or business to the our app, you make sure that outdoor enthusiasts can easily find you while planning their holidays or exploring your region.

Our app is used by thousands of people looking for places to sleep, eat, drink, shop, and more while enjoying the great outdoors.

By making sure you're visible on Trailguide, you'll be able to reach a whole new audience of potential guests and keep them in the region longer.

So don't miss out - add your business to Trailguide today and start seeing the benefits!

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Show off your potential early

Integrate Trailguide content on your web site

As a tourist destination or resort, you want to make sure that your visitors have access to all of the great outdoor activities that you have to offer.

With Trailguide, you can easily integrate all of your activity content directly onto your website, eliminating the need to update multiple platforms.

Our integration module is easy to add, lightning fast, and can be customized to fit seamlessly with your website.

Your entire team can share access and manage your content to ensure that it is always up-to-date and accurate.

Don't let your visitors miss out on all that you have to offer - use Trailguide to showcase your outdoor activities and give your guests the best possible experience.

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It should be easy to discover your best tours

Have your own landing page on Trailguide

At Trailguide, we understand that it can be overwhelming for guests and visitors to navigate through all of the different tours and activities available at your destination.

That's why we offer the option to create a customized landing page in our app, where you can showcase all of your best tours and activities in one convenient place.

Your landing page is easily accessible from the Trailguide map, or guests can simply scan a QR code displayed in your lobby or reception area to access it.

With your own landing page on Trailguide, you can provide your guests with a digital tour guide that highlights all of your top offerings.

Make it easy for your guests to discover and choose the activities that suit them best - create your landing page on Trailguide today!

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iphone frameYour own landing page on Trailguide

Guests should always have access to information

Connect your physical environment to Trailguide

Welcome your guests and inspire them to explore your region with a stunning 3D-like topographical map from Trailguide.

Each map is custom made for your specific area and printed in incredibly fine detail.

Your guests can scan the included QR code to instantly access your customized landing page on Trailguide.

Scan the QR code to open the digital tour guide
Display QR codes where your guests first meet you

We truly believe in providing the best possible experience for your guests.

To make it even more convenient for your guests, display QR codes in prominent places, such as in your lobby or on your reception desk.

Guests will have access to digital information about your outdoor offerings the moment they arrive at your place.

"The QR-codes are easy to use and since all our tours are on Trailguide they are immediately accessible for our visitors. Trailguide is an excellent platform for our staff working in the tourist office. We do not need to print all the brochures we used and since everything is digitalized we can ensure the information is always up to date for our guests. Trailguide makes our day-to-day operation as a tourist office a lot easier"

- Mari Clementine Østgaard, Visit Ål

Your guests should not need to do any work

Immediate access with no installation or user registration

At Trailguide, we understand that the guest experience is of great importance.

That's why we've designed our products with your guests in mind, ensuring that they have easy, hassle-free access to all of the information they need.

We believe that your guests shouldn't have to jump through hoops or pay for access to tour information, digital maps, and GPS navigation.

Instant access, no installation, registration, or cost

We offer a solution that requires no installation, no user registration, or cost for your guests. All they have to do is scan a QR code using their phone, and they'll instantly have access to everything they need to explore and enjoy your region.

With Trailguide, you can provide your guests with a seamless, enjoyable experience that will keep them coming back for more.

Make it easy for your guests to discover all that your area has to offer with Trailguide.

Put your world on the wall

Available wall mounted maps

Get a beautiful 3D-like topographical map of biking or hiking trails to hang on your wall.

We currently have maps available for the area around Oslo, Bergen, and Trondheim.

Check out our online shop for more.

Available wall maps
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