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Trailguide has great outdoor activities all over the worldEnsure the presence of your tourist destination on TrailguideHave your own landing page with your own tours on TrailguideEasy access to activities for your guests and visitorsDetailed tour information, great maps, and clear tracksBuilt-in navigation for your guests and visitors
Trailguide has great outdoor activities all over the world

An app to find and share great outdoor activities

The content on Trailguide is crowd sourced by local outdoor enthusiasts so you will always find great content wherever you decide to go and experience the outdoors.

You get detailed maps custom made for outdoor experiences, extensive tour descriptions, pictures, videos, reviews, condition reports, elevation data, bike tracks, cycle paths, heat maps, GPS tracks, and of course live GPS navigation on your phone.

Trailguide is a PWA (Progressive Web App) that you open using your Safari on iPhone or Chrome on Android by going to Install it by adding it to your home screen and it will behave as any other native app.

Ensure the presence of your destination or resort in the Trailguide app

Trailguide is used by hundreds of thousands of people to find trails and tours to ride and navigate locally. It is also used extensively for research and inspiration to discover new areas of travel.

By adding your tourist region, destination, resort, or local service to the Trailguide app you ensure users will find you.

By obtaining your own landing page in the Trailguide app you automatically showcase the local tours and activities already in the app and give your guests and visitors access to important contact information.

With your custom QR code your guests and visitors get instant access to local tours and activities along with maps and GPS navigation using their phones. There are no installations, no registrations, and no costs for your guests. Just instant access.

iphone frameEnsure your presence on Trailguide
"Trailguide is a fantastic app to plan and try out tours and activities in our area. Since all our tours are on Trailguide it is easy for our guests to find them. It also gives our local inhabitants a new platform for exploring new tours and activities in their own local area"

- Mari Clementine Østgaard, Visit Ål

Connect your physical environment to your own custom digital tour guide

Trailguide designs and makes stunning physical maps for you with amazing details which will inspire your guests to go out and explore. Maps can be printed up to 2.5 meters wide.

Each map has a custom QR code your guests and visitors can scan and instantly get access to your own digital guide with tour information, maps, and GPS navigation.

Scan the QR code to open the digital tour guide
Display QR codes where your guests first meet you

We truly believe in the complete visitor journey and giving your guests the absolute best experience. From the moment your guests find out about you and decide to go, when they arrive, when they go out and explore, and until they leave, they should always have easy access to quality tour information.

Display your custom QR-codes where your guests initially arrive, such as on your reception desk. They will immediately have access to all relevant tour information the moment they arrive.

"The QR-codes are easy to use and since all our tours are on Trailguide they are immediately accessible for our visitors. Trailguide is an excellent platform for our staff working in the tourist office. We do not need to print all the brochures we used and since everything is digitalized we can ensure the information is always up to date for our guests. Trailguide makes our day-to-day operation as a tourist office a lot easier"

- Mari Clementine Østgaard, Visit Ål

Your own custom digital tour guide on Trailguide

By having your own unique landing page for your tourist region, destination, or resort on Trailguide you get your own customized digital tourguide for your guests and visitors with a selection of the local tours.

Your guests and visitors can easily browse and filter for available local tours, activities, and services. They get access to detailed information, images, maps, and of course live GPS navigation.

Your landing page will also have information about your destination, driving directions, links to your web site and facebook account, as well as email and phone contact information.

iphone frameYour own landing page on Trailguide

No installation or registration needed

We truly believe caring about your guests and have created our products around this belief. Your guests should not need to go through any hurdles to get access to the information they want, and above all, they should not need to pay anything for this access.

We have seen too many examples of users giving up trying to download apps, install it, and then having to register to get access to the information. If they do end up going through the entire process only to have their credit card number requested for payment, that is not a very good guest experience.

Instant access, no installation, registration, or cost

Your guests should simply scan a QR code using their phone, and within a second or two have access to tour information, maps, and GPS navigation. This is exactly what Trailguide is made for and your guests do not have to pay anything.

Even though no installation is required, it can still be installed on the phone simply by adding the web app to the home screen. It will then be installed and behave as any other native iOS or Android app and can be opened again using the app icon.

Full control over your own custom content

If required you can have full control over the content you provide to your guests and visitors. You can handpick the tours and activities you display on your landing page and map.

The public crowd sources version of Trailguide is focused on bike trails and tours. With a license to the commercial version of Trailguide you can add other types of activities such as hiking. As a tourist destination you can also brand your activities with your name and logo.

Full control over your own content