Mountain biking destinations

Explore the countries and the top riding locations


The cycling nation!

Probably no other nation has such a dedicated biking community. From road to downhill biking, the french riders compete in the highest levels. The possibilities for mountain biking in France are on an equally high level!


Good weather, excellent food, coffee and wine, great mountains and trails. What else do you want?

A big part of the Alps is on Italian territory. From the highest mountain, the Monte Bianco, to the Ligurian Alps at the Mediterranean sea and all the way down to Sicily, Italy is very diverse. The excellent coffee and food is the only constant.


Fjords, Elks and Trolls

A mystic country with a versatile landscape. From flowy forest trails in the south, over steep and rocky mountains at the west coast, beautiful islands and fjords, to the barren landcape in the north.


Idyllic valleys, high mountains, long trails and a great infrastructure.

The heart of the alps. The country is almost completely covered with mountains and you find one beautiful valley next to the other, full of great trails. Well developed, there are many resorts with lifts bikers can use.


Mystic, wild, untouched, beautiful nature and a strong bike community.

Not only bears and wolves hide in the woods of Slovenia. When you have a closer look, you will also find a lot of trails. Not very obvious, as it is still forbidden to ride in many places. But the situation improves and the potential is huge.


Destinations for every time of the year

You like rocks, dry trails, riding close to the sea, tasty meat and a friendly and relaxed culture? Then you should go to Spain!


Underestimated, with lots of hidden gems

Parts of the alps are in the south of Germany. But most of the mountain biking is in the lower ranges called Mittelgebirge. You don’t need steep mountains for great biking and there is plenty of it all over Germany.

Czech Republic

Wild east

The Czech Republic shares most of it's mountain ranges with other countries as for example Germany. The Erzgebirge is a Mittlegebirge with lots of forest and trails to discover.