Mountain biking in Slovenia

The best riding locations in Slovenia

Not only bears and wolves hide in the woods of Slovenia. When you have a closer look, you will also find a lot of trails. Not very obvious, as it is still forbidden to ride in many places. But the situation improves and the potential is huge. In the south, close to Croatia, you can even ride in wintertime. The bike community is strong and takes care a lot of their trails. You will most likely find a friendly local showing you his trails.


From the sky to the the center of the earth.

Over endless ridges, into the deep valleys of Koroška. The idyllic trail park of Jamnica, the long descents from mount Petzen. The small bike parks of Kope and Poseka, or the underground biking on the Black Hole Trail. Not much places offer such a variety.

Soca Valley

A fairy-tale of elfes and trails

In the north-west of Slovenia the Soca river rises in the high mountains behind Bovec. The crystal clear water, cataracts and canyons are world famous for white water kayaking. In the beautiful valley you also find many great and wild singletracks.