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Koroška is one of Slovenia's most mountainous regions. It is characterised by the whiteness of the rocks and the soft slopes of the Alpine foothills, which along with the green of the forests give it its characteristic appearance.

The forests of Koroška are deep and dark and they are criss-crossed by cart tracks and forest paths. Many trails follow ridges, with the best views into the valleys.

You will not find great crowds of bikers here, and therefore your experience of unspoilt nature will be all the more genuine.

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The Koroška region is in the northern part of Slovenia, at the boarder to Austria. Mellow hills rise from the plains of Kärnten. In this beautiful hills, there is the Jamnica Single Trail Park. Find the trails here.

Set in forests and pastures with magnificent views. More than 20 km of maintained trails offer gentle flow salted with some more technical sections in an awesome forest. The trails are linked to each other by a nice uphill trail. The possibilities of combining them is endless and you can always stop at Dixis Farm for some refreshments or to fix your bike.

Due to its sunny location, the Jamnica Park season begins in April and finishes with the first snow in November. The park also offers guided tours and provides bike rental. Find more information about the Trail Park here.

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Higher mountains

From Jamnica we go further south, the mountains get higher and the valleys deeper. The climbs get longer but also the descents. We find exciting trails that follow long and scenic ridges down into the valleys. Find the trail here


The landscape is wild and the Slovenian mountains is one of the few places in the Alps where traces of humans are less visible. Find the trail here


Nevertheless, the trails are well accessible. Since the Enduro World Series in 2018, the region is known world wide. Many pictures of flowy brown lines, cutting through the green of the forest floor went through social media. Find the trail here

The race included trails of the Single Trail Park Jamnica, some gems hidden in the deep forests around Črna na Koroškem. And the long descents from mount Petzen, which are accessible by lift. Here you also find one of the longest flow trails of the world:

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Black Hole Trail

The Black Hole Trail is a special challenge, even for the most skilled mountain bikers. It runs through abandoned tunnels of the Mežica mine. From the day it closed down to the day they started setting up the trail, no human foot stepped into these tunnels. The vast halls were once filled with tons and tons of lead ore. More about the trail here.

Over five horizons it descents for about 150 metres. Now and then you will encounter very interesting sections, where you can relax for a moment and soak in the endless blackness of the great halls. Of course, if any section is too difficult, you can always conquer it on foot.

Bike Park Poseka

But lets get back to the surface, to the small bike park of Poseka. It is just outside of Ravne na Koroškem with two different routes available – Šnel Pepi Flow and Enduro Bavči. Both are short but fun and on the easier side. Find the trails here.

Bike Park Kope

A bit further east and higher in the mountains is the Bike Park Kope. There are three trail, inlcuding a red one and the descents are longer. Who likes to jump will find good oportunities here. Find the trails here.

Tour biking

Besides the wild nature and beautiful single trails, you can find many possibilities for tour biking. E-bike destination Ribnica na Pohorju, stages of Drava River Cycling Route and Slovenian MTB long distance path are recommender by locals. Find this and more tour biking here:

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Drava River Cycling

Beautiful cycling roads along the Drava River. The route is considered to be one of the most beautiful bike trails in Europe. The trail leads from river’s spring in Italy, through Austrian Carinthia, to Slovenia and further on to Croatia where it ends at Legrad.

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