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Ok, to be honest, the wild east isn't so wild here (except the enduro track maybe). Coming from the german border we are already in the altitude and park the Trailguide mobile directly at the top of the Klinovec mountain. The surrounding hills and valleys are completely covered by forest as far as the eye can see.

Klinovec has a DH track for many years but started to built up a wide network of singletracks with some of the longest descents in Europe. Without a warmup we start with the easiest trail. Five trails are signed. Three of them Flowtrails. The Azur is the easiest and with 10km also longest Trail. Without using our brakes we float down the mountain, warm up our stiff limbs and ride and ride and ride. It just won't end.

The trail is perfect for beginners, to get a feeling for the bike, without hanging on the brakes or dealing with difficult obstacles.

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From the bottom a surprisingly fast chairlift brings us up the almost 500vm again.

The other two flowtrails Rubin and Baron suits us much more, and are pure fun with its countless corners and compressions. We become faster and faster, hover over smooth waves, jump and double obstacles, fly out of the corners, drift over the gravel and are caught again in the berms. Again.

But enough with all the speed and flow. Now comes the DH track. Very fast with many berms and tables, some artificial rock gardens and only a short natural part over some steps and roots, the track definitely brings our trail bikes to a limit. Not for nothing the track is part of several Downhill Cups. Probably much more fun with a proper DH bike, so we move on to the Enduro track.

I can tell it directly, this is our favourite descent! A natural style singletrack with loads of roots and rocks. Not too technical, and often with different line choices. So after a couple of runs it becomes smoother and smoother. We know where to be light over the obstacles, and where to find grip in the soft forest floor. Challenging, but awesome trail, once again with a very nice rythm only mother nature can create.

To sum it up, here you have the whole specter of trails, a very good elevation and a fast chairlift. Other spots like the Trailcenter Rabenberg are close, so it is perfect to combine.


Easy Azur trail for beginners and a good warm up lap Over 10km of descent! Find the trail here.


Pure fun with its countless corners and compressions. Find the trail here.


Martin, the head of the trail builders can not only built great trails. Find the trail here.


Fast section with a good view in the Rubin trail. Find the trail here.


Max Hartenstern shows how to ride this steep section. Find the trail here.


The DH track really earns its name. Rough and fast. Not for nothing it is part of the European Downhill Cup. Find the trail here.

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