Willingen & Brilon

Center of mountain biking in the Sauerland

Willingen has some nice, but a little bit hidden singletracks. If you want to go directly to the trails on Trailguide, you can find them here.

Willingen is the center of mountain biking in the Sauerland, a German Mittelgebirge. The Ischgl of northern Germany has a well known bikepark and is also famous for the biggest Bikefestival in the country.

Outside the bikepark, on first sight, it looks like there are only long tours on gravel roads. But surprisingly we also found nice singletracks:

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Very close to the town, some short but cool trails hide on the Orenberg. With a bit of easy pedaling - here comes the advantage of the Mittelgebirge: it's not steep - you can connect some nice descents to a satisfying singletrack tour in a beautiful nature, and can avoid the brake bumps of the bikepark. The villages around Willingen offering the best trails are Niedersfeld, Bruchhausen, and Olsberg.

A bit further north is Brilon. With the Trailground Brilon, they picked up the trend of enduro/ trail biking. A nice loop connects 6 descents and also some uphills are on singltrack. The trails are perfect for beginners, but become challenging when riding faster so advanced bikers can have a lot of fun too, or work on their cornering skills.

The whole area doesn't seem to be popular for enduro/ trail biking and you mostly see bikers in the park or a mix of old scool XC and gravel biker. So beside some hikers, you will be alone on the trails.

First of all Willingen is known for its bikepark. Find the trail here.

But around Willingen and in the next valleys, a lot of trails hide in the woods. Find the trail here.

It's not a dense network of singletracks, but you can ride nice loops to connect a few descents. Find the trail here.

Directly next to Willingen is the Orenberg. Find the trail here.

For some tours you can use the gondola to make the uphill easier, or ride in the bikepark. Find the trail here.

Après Ski without the ski part. Find the trail here.

North of Willingen is Brilon. With the Trailground Brilon they created a nice loop that connects 6 descents. Find the trail here.

Can you see the flow? Find the trail here.

Olsberg is between Brilon and Willingen and also offers some nice trails. Here with a view into the Sauerland. Find the trail here.

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