Flow and alpine trails

Nearly 2km above Brixen we stand on top of the Plose. A breathtaking view down into the Eisack valley and into the Dolomites opens up. Luckily we didn't have to fight up all the 2000 vertical metres by ourselfes, but got support by some tiny gondolas.

Right at the top station of the lift, the Brixen Bikepark begins. Three different lines up to a length of 4,7km wind down the southface. Different difficulties allow less experienced riders to slowly progress.

The Palmschoß chairlift brings you up quickly back to the top. To step it up you can ride the very long and a bit more difficult Skyline underneath the Plose Lift with it's endles amount of berms.

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Bike park style trails are not for everyone, and luckily we also have possibilities there. So we stand on the 2486m high Plose and prepare for a 11km long descent in alpine terrain. The trail follows the ridge towards the Ochsenalm. Narrow, loose in the beginning and with some switchbacks in the middle part. From the Ochsenalm a long traverse begins and then drops into the steep forest. Good control and technique is required for the steep trail with many roots, steps and rocks. But you get rewarded with an endless descent back down to the Plose gondola.


An endless amount of berms take you back down to the bottom station of the Plose lift. Find the trail here

Jerry Line

Easy flow line for less experienced riders. Find the trail here

Hammer Line

More jumps and tighter corners make the Hammer Line. Find the trail here

Palm Pro Line

The most challenging Line around the Palmschoß lift. Find the trail here


The trails around the Palmschoß chairlift wind down in front of the Dolomites. Find the trail here

Plose Panorama

For the experienced riders, the Plose offers long and alpine descents also. Find the trail here