Garda lake

Rocks and icecream

Probably one of the most famous MTB spots in the alps since Elmar Moser published his bike guides in the 90s. Already because of the landscape Garda is worth a trip. Ending the descent at the lake, riding along the promenade of Riva del Garda, sitting down and enjoy a good italian coffe and the best icecream. What else do you want?

Ah yes, trails! Well the trails directly around Riva and Torbole are more on the technical side. Fans of rocks, especially loose rocks will love it. You have long descents, for example from the Monte Altissimo 1900vm down to the lake with famous tracks like the 601 on your way.

But also easier trails were built, such as the Navene or Naranch trail. Most of those trails are accessible by shuttles.

Leaving the lake behind and moving to the valleys around - Rovereto for example - the trails change their character, and you will also find some less known trails.

Open these trails directly in the web-app

Coast Trail

The coast trail offers one of the best views on the northern part of the lake. Find the trail here.

Val del Diaol (Skull Trail)

Rocks everywhere. Here in a compact version on the Skull Trail (Val del Diaol). Find the trail here.


But you will also find some dirt. The Naranch trail is less technical with roots and dirt. Find the trail here.

Navene Trail

Also the Navene Trail is less hard with some flowy and fast sections. Find the trail here

Navene Trail

But also there you always have to be prepared for loose gravel. Find the trail here.

Coast Trail

Nice rock section in the lower part. Find the trail here.


Close to Arco you find less known trails that are not accessible with a shuttle. Find the trail here.

Malga Valestre

Offcamber rockslab. The limestones are incredible slippery when they get wet. Find the trail here.