La Thuile

Heaven for lift accessed natural enduro trails

Lift accessed mountain biking on long natural trails. Magnificent mountain views. Italian food, coffee, and wine combined with a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. If these are the traits of your perfect mountain biking holiday you should go to the small village of La Thuile.

La Thuile is located at the very end of the Aosta Valley in the northwest corner of Italy right by the Mont Blanc tunnel with Chamonix on the other side.

The local bikers have made the small village famous among enduro riders by exclusively focusing on natural trails in the magnificent terrain surrounding it. This focus has resulted in La Thuile being the host of the Enduro World Series (EWS) in 2014, 2016 and again this year in 2018.

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The average bike park with machine built trails can often get boring after a day or two. This is not the case with the trails of La Thuile where naturally adapted and handmade is the name of the game. Two efficient chair lifts take you from 1440 meters in the village to 2340 meters well above the tree line while enjoying the views of the trails below, the Testa del Rutor with its glacier, and of course the mighty Mont Blanc.

From the top of the second chair lift you get access to a great network of trails ranging from blue flow trails to long red high alpine trails to really steep and black world class enduro trails with roots, rocks, and tight hairpin turns. The level of riding in La Thuile is mostly centered around the red and black trails, but it never gets too difficult. Just slow down or walk a few meters to avoid the worst obstacles if you are not one of the Enduro World Series contenders.

The common denominator of all trails in La Thuile is the length, vertical drop, and the handmade quality all the way down to the village. Even though La Thuile has hosted the Enduro World Series, the number of people riding the trails seems to be low. You mostly feel you have all these great trails to yourself. Only occationally you will meet other bikers down at one of the nice restaurants or bars.

La Tour

One of the absolute classics of the La Thuile bike park. A trail that has often been used for the Enduro World Series as well as the Italian Superenduro series. Find the trail here.

Chalet Express

One of the fast enduro trails above the tree line in La Thuile . Find the trail here.


You can even cross the border to France.


The 4 kilometer long K2 trail with great views of the Rutor. Find the trail here.


The trails on each side of the mountain are not so steep. This is not the case for the trails in the middle. Find the trail here


One of the many trails to be found in the deep and steep pine forest down to the village. Find the trail here.

But you also find some easier parts.