Great mountainbiking above the fjords

Steep cliffs drop hundreds of meters down into the dark water of the Hardangerfjord. Is that terrain is any good for biking? William and Klara must have thought the same, when they decided to move here and opened their bike lodge and guiding business - Any Excuse To Ride.

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Two years later, I am driving on a narrow road that crouches to the mountain, fallen rocks left holes in the surface. After a corner a side valley opens up, a few houses, a ferry port, a campsite that has seen better times, and at the end of the village, the Solbakken Farm. A cozy wooden house at the bottom of the cliffs that welcomes bikers and travelers.


Biking in Hardangerfjord means views like this! Find the trail here.

The Solbakken Farm

Since they arrived William and Klara put in an incredible amount of time and effort to explore the mountains around the Hardangerfjord. Find ridable trails, talk to land owners, authorities, clear existing trails and build new ones.

They found nice and mellow terrain, open pine forests covered with a carpet of saturated green moss. And they found long, alpine and technical trails, high above the fjord. Not to forget about the two awesome trails they built right behind their house! One of them is Kvanndal Korners:


We leave the Solbakken Farm and Kvanndal with the ferry. The others talk about the adventures of the last days. A long trail descents from the Oksen down to the Fjord.

Kaiser Stien

But today we are on the other end of the Hardangerfjord near Odda. The Kaiser Stien is one of those long alpine tracks. Find the trail here.

Kaiser Stien

After we carried the bikes for 1200 height meters, the trail starts below the Folgefonna glacier. Rocks dominate the upper part. Find the trail here.


Water is omnipresent. We follow the creek to the bottom. In Norway water is often used to generate electricity, sometimes directly used for production. On the other side of the valley you can see the entrance to the valley of Trolltunga and Preikestolen. While thousands of selfies are taken there, it's nice and quiet over here. Find the trail here.

Solbakken Farm

William and Klara offer complete holiday packages and we are treated with a nice dinner.

Cat & Dog

Always around: CAT the cat and the NORA the trail dog.


After the 1200 height meters with the bike on our shoulders yesterday, we are very happy about some shuttle assistance.


Since there are so many steep and alpine trails, William and Klara started to build their own trails. These handbuild trails are a lot more flowy and play with the terrain. Find the trail here.

Dead Deer

The Dead Deer is candy for the eye and the soul of a mountain biker! Loamy corners, carved into the soft dirt in an open forest with a carpet of moss. Find the trail here.

One of the built trails that is still a secret - but William will show you of course - is the Lazy Donkey. Here, even the laziest donkey will start to move and swing his ass around the trees, because this trail is a hell of a fun:

Not enough time

Too much trails to discover at once. But enough reasons to come back and see more of William and Klaras Hardangerfjord.

William & Klara

Thank you for some awesome days! We will come back for sure.

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