The best trails of Nordfjord

The sun sets behind the mountains on the other end of the Fjord. We are flying down the flowy trails above the tree line on the Haugsvarden ridge. The trail feels as it grew out of the landscape. Like it would already exist for thousands of years. This is of course not true. A group of enthusiastic local bikers around Pål Kristian Gimmestad, put in thousands of hours to dig the trails of Sandane, move rocks, and even carve them out of the bedrock.

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One of the most scenic rides you will find in Norway. It is summer, the sun sets very late and I can join Dag, Torgeir and Øyvind for an after work ride. Trail: here

After a nice climb on the trail, we push our bikes all the way to the top. We can see far into the high mountains of the Jostedalsbreen National park. There the snow doesn't even melt in summer.

The descent begins fast and rocky. With this view it is hard to keep the eyes on the trail.

The terrain soon becomes less steep. The flowy trail follows the wide ridge. Sandane lies far below us, at the end of the Fjord.

Slowly we come down into the trees. The trail starts to wind around them in awesome turns. You can feel the trail builders are good bikers. There is plenty of roots and grippy dirt. Trail: here


Back down in Sandane, summer is in full swing. The fjord is shallow and the water is warm. Everyone enjoys the warm temperatures and plays in the water. For a moment we forget that we are far north and not in Italy.


Today Vidar from Nordfjord Aktiv shows us his home ground. Our second tour takes us even higher up. After a steep climb on a gravel road, a long push bike starts. We work our way up to the peak of Blånibba. From here we can see the Breimsvatnet east of Sandane. To the west we see into the Fjord and the peak of Haugsvarden from yesterdays tour. The descent starts rocky and alpine, but with a clear line. Trail: here

The flow of the trail develops more and more. We are flying on the grassy alpine terrain on a narrow trail. Always prepared for some sudden corners or sharp rocks pointing out. In the background you can see the Myklebustbreen glacier.

The long descent on the ridge felt endless. After a steeper technical part we come into the woods. The trail goes along a beautiful creek. A few meters later it starts to get tricky. Lots of rocks make a good line choise and active riding necessary to get over.


We left the rough part behind and get to the Grande Finale of this long descent. The Veten trail is a very nice mix of rocky technical and very fast and flowy sections. Trail: here

Nice rockslabs. Open and fast trail. But be prepared for slippery conditions when it's wet.


West of Sandane, towards the airport, there are mellow hills with a beautiful forest and a lovely network of playful trails. The stripe reflecting the light is the small airport of Sandane. Ferries crossing over to Lote, the connection to the next biggest village Nordfjordeid. Trail: here


The trails around Vereide are easier, wind in awesome turns through the open forest and the blueberry bushes. You can connect them in an endless number of possibilities. After a short climb, a new descent is waiting. Trail: here


Dag joins us for an afterwork ride again. It often rains at the west coast. But these trails dry up very quickly. Trail: here

Sti Center

Also at Vereide, is the new Trail Center. It is a nice loop with an easy uphill and a fun descent. Many berms and nice corners, waves, and little jumps. The trail is very smooth with hardly any obstacles, so it is very well suited for kids and beginners. Trail: here

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