Trail paradise at the foothills of the Pyrenees

Aínsa is one of the most popular mtb destination in Spain. The Zona Zero is well known for its enduro tracks since the EWS took place in 2015.

More than 20 official enduro routes surround the medieval village. The trails are mostly restored from old pastoral paths and from alpine mountains to rolling and lower hills, you have an unlimited variety of terrains.

In several old abandoned villages you can ride through the Spanish history. The EWS tour will stop here again in 2018.

You can take a shortcut and take a shuttle, but most of the trails you have to earn yourself. Best time to go is March to December. Depending on the weather, you can ride the whole year in the lower trails.

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Coda Sartén

Fast and flowy with a surprise at the end. Here you see the -Margas- called terrain. Click here to find out more.


Around Aínsa you can ride through Spanish history. There are a lot of abandoned villages like Morcat on the picture. Click here to open the trail on Trailguide.


The village of Aínsa has a medieval center on the hills between the Ara and Chinca river.


Also the villages around Aínsa are worth a visit. Click here to open the trail on Trailguide.

South of Aínsa you ride in hilly terrain. North of it, the higher mountains of the Pyrenees begin.

Maxiavalance V2

With great and long trails like the Maxiavalanche V2. Click here to open the trail on Trailguide.

Coño del Mundo

Technical section on the Coño del Mundo. Click here to open the trail on Trailguide.

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