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Málaga is the perfect bike destination for the wintertime. From October to April, the temperatures usually vary between 15 and 25 degrees. You can easily fly to Málaga, unpack your bike and ride directly to the trails close to the airport. Since it is no island (like typical winter destinations), you can also drive all the way to south spain and benefit from the better mobility.

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La Ermita

Right behind the city, the trails wind down the first mountain range with a great view over the coast. Find the trail here.


The terrain is loose. Stones and sand make the bike moving sideways all the time. This trail is a classic enduro trail above Benalmadena. With a technical start, some climbs, and fast but challenging sections in the end, it offers everything. Find the trail here.

Also on the same trail you find compact rock in some tricky sections.


In Benalmadena, which is a bit west of Málaga, you find a lift with tiny gondolas. After taking out your frontwheel, bike and rider harldy fit inside.


The lift opens up a nice set of trails around the Monte Calamorro. Find the trail here.

La Techa

On the north side of this mountain range, down to Alhaurín de la Torre, the trails are different. Steeper, rocky and more compact. From the 900m high Cerro de Medialuna you find this awesome technical trail.


One of our favourite trails. The mix between technical and flowy parts is awesome. It winds through the thick forest with a bit of jungle feeling. Find the trail here.

DH Alhaurín

This place is no secret. Pros like Gee Atherton, Sam Pilgrim & Co. have been here a couple of times. There are a few different tracks carved into the woods. A small road allows shuttling or an efficient climb. Find the trail here.

DH Alhaurín

You will also find some jumps. Better have a look before your first try. Find the trail here.

Los Almendrales

The Area of Los Almendrales is a great playground for enduro biking. Many awesome built tracks are packed in a small area with an efficient climb. The trails are great fun and their style is similar. They are all not very technical, but ride them fast and they are for sure challenging. With lots of fun corners, open turns and berms, some small jumps and offcamber sections the trails have a really cool rythm and dance around the sometimes tight trees. You can definetely spend at least one day here, trying all those trails and discover even more in the forest. Find the trails here.

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