Wild and untamed mountain biking

With all the designed flow in mountain biking these days, it looks like we became lazy bikers. Coming to a destination, we expect a perfectly composed menu of great experiences. Smooth, save, and sound.

Ticking off trail after trail, like robots. Experiences that almost become indistinguishable. How many trails did we ride already? Ten, thousand? It doesn't matter and fades into the insignificance of equality. Like someone put a soft focus over a picture. Forms, light, contrast and colors are blurred until a gray canvas is left.

You can be sure, Mallorca is different. Mallorcas trails are wild and untamed. No signs, no berms, no flow. You will climb steep, loose roads, carry and push your bike, up and down, climb over fences, backtrack of dead ends, get stuck in an ocean of rocks, curse, sweat, bleed. Breath.

And you will smile. Maybe not right away, but as your scratches heal, your smile will get bigger. You accepted the challenge and you made it. If you want that, work hard, experience the island and biking in a different way, and if you love rocks, you should go to Mallorca.

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Ses Basses a La Trapa

Mallorcas landscape is rough and beautiful. A challenging trail follows the steep coast in the south west of the island.

Galatzo Al Porxo

And here we go. Rocks everywhere. This is one of the easier trails. Less blocked and faster. But take care not to clip your pedals!

Pas d'Honor

You have to work your bike a lot over the many rocks and through the tight turns in the woods. Then you can get some of the rare Majorcan flow.

Pas d'Honor

In the heart of the Tramuntana mountain region, there is a lot to discover.

Tuneles Almadra

We are surfing on the loose rocks, straight into the tunnels of Almadra.

Tuneles Almadra

Lights on and tuck.

Tuneles Almadra

In between the tunnels we try to find the grip on the loose and steep trail of the Almadra valley.


After a short climb, the Pinatons trail turns out to be even more difficult. Rocky switchbacks challenge our tired bodies.


Rest. Spain treats us well with Tapas and very good beer. On Ramiros face you can see the traces Majorcan rocks left.

Port de Sollér

Port de Sollér is a beautiful village at a quiet bay in the west of the island. Overcrowded in the summer, there are only locals during the winter.

Es Cocons

Beside the gray rocks, the nature is very green. Jungle feeling on this trail:

Coma De S'arc

We always kept a safe distance to the party beaches west of Palma de Mallorca. A visit of the old part of Palma is absolutely worth it.


Mallorca is special. You should be able to ride very good. Like technical, rocky trails, and be fit enough to go the extra mile. Winter is a perfect time for a visit. In the summer the island is crowded by beach tourists, in the spring by road bikers. Beside flying there, you can also take the ferry from the Spanish mainland.

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