Flims Laax

Glaciers and canyons

It's not often that you can ride from the end of the glaciers down to the river at the bottom of the valley. In Flims Laax you can.

After a chairlift and a gondola we pedal another 400vm in thin air, almost to the end of Vorab Glacier. Long ago we left the tree line behind us and now rocks dominate. We can see that the glacier has done it's work up here and look over smooth carved rock slabs.

Over these rocks the descent begins and our eyes look for the line between the way marks. It feels like we are in an ocean of rocks. The waves froze to the rocks we are riding on. A constant up and down on solid underground.

Slowly it becomes greener and stains of gras and dirt starts to spread. Now the trail is clearly defined and fast over the wide open alpine meadows, with still many rocks inbetween. Lots of corners and compressions make our legs burn and it feels like a big pumptrack.

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From the Plaun plain we enter the forest and enjoy the dirt and many roots. The Green Valley trail connects us to the famous Runca Trail with its many berms tables and wooden elements. Fast and flowy it winds through the woods and brings us finally back down to Flims after 1500vm of biking on a big variety of trails.

Make sure to check out also the many other possibilities and the idyllic trails along the Rheinschlucht. Tip: after long day on the mountain bike, the Cauma or Crestasee offers great cool down and a beautiful swim.

If you think of visiting Flims Laax, the three days of the Trail Trohpy Enduro race in August could be a great option. At the moment you can win two tickets for the race here on Trailguide.

Vorab Trail

Start on 2600m.a.s.l, you are riding on rocks, smoothly carved by glaciers. See the trail here

Höenweg Nagens

Further down, the nature becomes greener, but the trails are still technical. See the trail here

Green Valley

Great trails with lots of roots in the woods. See the trail here

Runca Trail

Winds through the green. The famous Runca Trail. See the trail here

Runca Trail

Fast and with lots of berms, tables and wooden elements. See the trail here

Never End

Also a lot of flow you will find in the berms and jumps of the Never End trail. See the trail here

Never End

With almost 8km the trail really feels like it would never end. But who wants that? See the trail here

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