St Moritz

Top of the world

“Another Flow Trail?”. Yes yes, we know. But the Flow Trails in St. Moritz are different! Really built well, they have an awesome rhythm and get more fun the more you ride and the faster you get.

The surrounding trails complete the offer very well and you have incredible and scenic descents on natural singletracks all around the over 3.000m high Piz Nair. Good you have lift access up to the very top, so you can use all your power for the long descents. Best Season is from June to September.

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Piz Nair technical

Top of the world is the slogan of the destination. On the over 3000m high Piz Nair with the Piz Bernina in the backround, it really feels like this. Click here to find out more.

Suvretta Trail

From the Piz Nair, trails go down in every direction. Click here to find out more.

In the upper part, you can surf down the steep gravel slopes.

Corviglia Flow Trail

There are also really cool flow trails. Click here to find out more.

Always with a great view.

Trais Fluors

One of the longest descents is from the Piz Nair down to Schlattain, then pedal up to Trais Fluors to start the endless descent down to Bevers. Click here to find out more.

Surfing through flowering meadows.

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