Val Müstair

Quiet valley in a forgotten part of Switzerland

There are only beautiful ways to access the Val Müstair. Driving over the Ofenpass, the whole valley lies infront of you, with the massive Ortler right ahead. From Italy you have two possibilities, driving up from Bormio over the Umbrail pass, surrounded by impressive mountains, or coming out of the beautiful Vinschgau valley. No matter which way you choose, you will always end up in the quiet valley of Müstair in a 'forgotten' part of Switzerland.

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Nevertheless, the valley offers good touristic infrastructure, so you find everything you need, from an accomodation, bike shop, you can hire guides, shuttles and also the famous Postbus takes you and your bike up to the mountain.

Piz Umbrail

Let's start with one of the most impressive descents we have ever done. The view from the top is unbelievable. In the backround you see the Piz Palü and Piz Bernina with the famous Bianco ridge. Find the trail here.

With 3033m The Piz Umbrail is the highest peak you can reach from the Val Müstair. From the Umbrailpass you need to carry your bike to the peak. Sometimes on a difficult exposed hiking path.

It is probably quite hard to find such a high peak with such a flowy and easy trail. Nevertheless, don't take the easy too easy. The loose gravel and some switchbacks in steeper terrain, make it challenging here and there.

The descent is very versatile and the landscape, especially around the Lago di Rims, stunning.


But there are a lot of other possibilties as well. Typical for Switzerland is the famous Postbus. You can reach the Ofenpass and even the Umbrailpass. Bringing your bike requires a reservation by phone before.

Buffalora climb

From the Ofenpass you can start several tours in every direction. Find the trail here.

Passo Gallo

A big tour for example, that leads over the Passo Gallo down tho the Lago di Livigno. Find the trail here.


In the beginning the route is similar to some famous trans-alp trails, but then offers some hidden gems. Find the trail here.

The alpine terrain offers some unexpected flow. The colors are beautiful, especially in fall, which is also the best season for trails in this altitude.

Stelvio Pass

Not far from Müstair, is the Passo dello Stelvio. From the second highest pass - you can reach with a car - many descents start infront of the impressive Ortler. Find the trail here.

Tibet Trail

If you like switchbacks, this trail is for you! The Stelvio Pass is easily accessible by shuttle. From there a long but challenging descent awaits you. Find the trail here.

Werners Käsetrail

On the south faced mountain side of the valley, you will find some really nice flowy trails that coast along the mountain on different altitude levels. Find the trail here.

If you are nice, Werner even shows you how he makes his really tasty cheese.

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