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Zermatt in Switzerland is surrounded by the high mountains of the main ridge of the alps. One of the most famous ones, the Matterhorn, always in sight, the trails wind down from high alpine areas like the over 3.000m high Gornergrat.

Over rocky and technical terrain there are long descents with 1.400vm down to the idyllic mountain village. The access is easy and the many lifts and trains take you and your bike up.

Rarely we have experienced such a density of fantastic, long, natural single tracks like here in Zermatt. Especially the trails lower down, below the tree line are awesome and offer with their natural rhythm more flow than any built trail could.

In 2019 the trails will proof also their racing qualities with one stop of the Enduro World Series and already this year you can compete in the European Enduro Series in Zermatt

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The Gornergrat train spits you out in over 3000m. On this technical descent you have a great view on the most famous mountain of the alps. Click here to find out more.

Japanese Highway

Also from the Gornergrat, the trail with this funny name starts. When you are at the top, you will know why ;-). Click here to find out more.

But it's really worth to survive the first touristic meters. You will be rewarded with an awesome trail.

Hobbit Trail

On the other side of the valley you can ride amazing flowy tails like the Hobbit Trail. Click here to find out more.


Zermat is only accessible by train. On the way back to Täsch you have a way better option Click here to find out more.


It's really worth to extend the Europaweg with the Militärweg. After some climbing and traversing, one of our favourite descent starts. Click here to find out more.

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