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Thank you for using Trailguide. Please read through these terms and conditions closely. Please also read our Privacy Policy which is part of this user agreement.

This Agreement is made between you and Trailguide AS (org. nr 918471200no) and its successors and assigns, and governs your use of Trailguide. Using Trailguide means that you must accept all of the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement.

By visiting and/or using the webpages of Trailguide and related services, you confirm that you accept and will follow these terms and conditions. If you do not accept these terms and conditions, please leave the web site now.

These terms and conditions have been made with the intent of further developing Trailguide as a free service for trail bikers.

This Agreement is regulated by Norwegian law. In case of a dispute, the venue will be Oslo City Court.


Trailguide is a user-generated guide for trail biking where you can find trails where you are, find information about trails other places, help locate yourself, and share trail information with other trail bikers. Trailguide is developed by bikers for bikers and is free of cost to use for non-commercial usage. It works on PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, iPads, tablets, Tesla cars and more.

Trailguide is owned by Trailguide AS (org. nr. 918471200no), Tuppeskogvegen 477, 3550 Gol, Norway.

Trailguide currently includes the following web sites;,,,,,,,, Further web sites may be created as needed and will be covered by this Agreement.


Trailguide AS has all the rights to Trailguide and all the content published on Trailguide's web sites. Content and information from Trailguide cannot be reproduced, published, distributed, or otherwise be used for public or commercial use without written consent from Trailguide AS. End users of Trailguide can freely download, print, copy, and show content from Trailguide for private usage.

Users of Trailguide can donate trail information and other relevant content to Trailguide. If you upload information of any kind to the web sites of Trailguide you have donated this information to Trailguide AS free of charge. By donating the information, you give Trailguide AS the right to use, reproduce, modify, display, perform, sublicense and distribute the information (or portions thereof) with or without modifications, or as part of a larger work for any purpose and without credit to you.

Trailguide AS reserves the right to decide whether the donated information will be published, including deleting content published for marketing, incorrect, illegal, or offending content.

By donating trail information or other relevant content on Traiguide, you contribute to developing a complete online guide for the trail biking community while at the same time contribute to keeping Trailguide free to use. Users that donate trail information can edit the information they themselves have donated.

By donating trail information or other relevant content intentended for publishing on Trailguide, the user guarantees that the material is not owned by a third party or that a third party has the rights to the content that can limit the use. Trailguide AS reserves the right to use the content in marketing Trailguide and other commercial use of Trailguide. If any of the photos are used, the Photographer will be credited.


Trailguide AS disclaims all responsibility for content published on Trailguide. Trailguide AS does not take any responsibility for any inaccuracy or missing information or that the information published is at any and all times updated. Any decision taken on the basis of information published on Trailguide is done so by you on your own responsibility.

Trailguide AS can not guarantee a continuous availability of the services. Because of maintenance, security or capacity reasons, Trailguide AS reserves the right to limit or interrupt the services as needed for the reasons mentioned.

As a service to the users of Trailguide, the web pages can contain links to other web sites. Trailguide AS will try to their best ability linking to serious web sites. Trailguide AS disclaim all responsibility for the content being linked to from Trailguide.


Users of Trailguide will not have any information other than a session ID on the servers of the Service as long as the user does not actively supply information (such as logging in using the Facebook login button). Google Analytics information is stored with the intent of analysing the traffic. If the user uses the location service, the location found (longitude, latitude, and height above sea level) is stored on the servers of Trailguide. For full information about the data collected and its intended use, please read our Privacy Policy.


Trailguide AS reserves the right to change this terms of use at any time and will inform users and customers about the changes.

Gol, Norway
February 23rd, 2021