EVOC user awards

Share your trails and find thousands of others!

author profilePeter Seidl, 28. October 2018

Were you ever glad about a tip for a great MTB singletrack? Or were you despereately in need for a good information? Share your trails, be part of the Trailguide community and win cool prizes from EVOC!

Did you ride and track some nice singletracks this season? Upload your tracks to and you will participate in the drawing of the EVOC User Awards on November 15th.

EVOC provides a nice Stage 12l backpack and two 40l duffle bags for your next bike rides and trips. The three lucky winners will be drawn of all who uploaded trails since the last user awards end of August.

Uploading a track is very easy! Almost every GPS device or app can record the data as a .gpx file. Open on your computer and drag and drop the file into the "Add trail" window. If needed, cut your loop or ride to cover only the singletrack parts using the slider below the map. Add additional info and thats it! You uploaded your track :-)

With everyone contributing a little bit, Trailguide gets better and better everyday. We are looking forward for your tracks, and with a bit of luck, your next ride and trip will be with a new backpack or bag!