The Trailguide App

Trailguide is an app to share, find, and navigate outdoor activities. The content is crowd-sourced by the users and it has a lot of content all over Europe. The publicly available content consists of biking activities.

Trailguide AppFree

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Custom White-Label App

We offer custom white-label tour apps for your resort or destination. Maintain total control of the content you present to your guests and visitors having your own tour app. The content you present to your guests will be limited to relevant activities only.

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Trailguide Integration

Integrate your content into your websites directly from the Trailguide database. The plugin is included by adding a very simple piece of code unique to your domain. It is super fast and light weight and very flexible.

The plugin can display content as a map or as a set of cards. Clicking on an activity will open a window showing all available information about the tour, including images, videos, reviews and condition reports.

The map can be extended to full screen and the visitor can open activities directly in the trailguide app.

Trailguide Integration€500 per domain/year
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Presence in the Trailguide app

If you are a tourist region, destination, resort, or another local service that offers services that visitors and guests might need, you can have your business added to the map on Trailguide and in tour descriptions.

Local service€400 per year
Resort€800 per year
Destination€1500 per year
Region€3000 per year
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Trailguide Landing Page

A landing page in the Trailguide app will show information about your region, destination, or resort along with available tours and activities. It can be opened directly through a link, scanning a QR-code, or clicking your icon on the Trailguide map.

If you are a tourist region or destination you can also show available local services such as hotels, campsites, sports shops, guide companies, shuttle companies, restaurants and bars in your landing page.

Landing Page€500 per year
Local service in landing page€100 per business/year
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Printed Wall Maps

We design and print 3D-like topographical maps you display in your reception area or shop. The maps have your unique QR-code on it which will open your Trailguide landing page when scanned.

We can also supply you with stickers with your landing page QR-code for you to place anywhere you want on your premises.

Custom wall mounted topo map€2000
Additional print€400
QR-code sticker packFree
Activity Manager

Add any type of activity you want, not only biking activities. Have full control over the content you present to your guests and visitors. Hand pick the activities you want to present.

If you are an official tourist region, destination or a resort you can also brand activities with your official business name and logo instead of showing the user who added them.

Activity Manager module€500 per year
Size of data set€10 per activity/year
Branding of activities€500 per year
Collection Manager

Make your own collection of activities tailor made for different audiences and usages. Each of these collections can be accessed through scanning a QR-code, opening a link, or integrated into your web sites.

Collection Manager module€500 per year
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Trailguide Admin User

A license to the Trailguide portal comes with 1 admin user. You can purchase extra users for shared access and content creation and management.

Extra admin users€200 per user/year