Local Services on the map!

Additional information & better visibility

author profileBjørn Jarle Kvande, 27. September 2019

We just published a new version of Trailguide. Now you see local services on the map. From the point of interest you directly get to the information about the service. See the website, contact info, and can get a route to its location.

The local services are visible as points of interest. The icon shows the type of service. Click on it to open the info bar with more information. This example shows Nesbyen with the guiding and shuttle service Trailhead Nesbyen and the biker friendly accomodation Hagaled Gjestegård

The points of interest appear when you zoom into the map. This example shows Freiburg with the bike shop Sport Tout Terrain and the biker friendly campsite Camping Hirzberg.

You also see the local services in all trails nearby their location. Click on the entry to open more information like a description, link to the website, contact information or to get a route to their location.\ \ If you have a local service, see how to get it on Trailguide here