New version of Trailguide

Trailguide can be installed on your phone, has new functions, is smaller, faster, and easier to use!

author profileBjørn Jarle Kvande, 9. August 2019

We put in lot of work to make Trailguide better, faster and easier to use. Thanks to the feedback of many users, we could improve the usability. To get the new version, delete the icon on your homescreen (if you have one), go to in Chrome (Android) or Safari (IOS). Refresh one or two times to get the latest code. See here what has changed:

1) Install Trailguide on your phone

Progressive Web App

Trailguide can be installed as an app on your phone. It is a PWA - a Progressive Web App. When you open in your browser, a banner pops up and suggests to add Trailguide to your home screen. Install it and benefit from all functions of a PWA including offline usability. Click on the thumbnails to open bigger pictures:

2) Share trails

Built in sharing function

When Trailguide is installed, you can easily share the trail you have opend. Swipe down from the top of your screen and click on copy URL, or directly share it in another app.

3) Report conditions


Beside reviewing a trail, you can also report conditions. You don't need to be on the trail anymore!

4) Free download

No log in needed

Download the GPS track without beeing logged in!

5) Trail Editor

Height profile

Uploading a trail, you can cut your recorded track easily with the slider below the map. In addition you now have the hightprofile, to be able to cut the track more precisely.

6) Trail Editor

Copy a trail

You can easily copy a trail that you uploaded. Only import your track once and quickly create multiple trails out of this one track. You can also use it to upload the loop or access as a hidden track first. Then save the singletrack as a public trail and copy the URL of the loop into the description of the singletrack to connect both.

7) User Page

Overview over your content

The user page shows your trails, reviews and condition reports. In addition you have a dasboard with an overview over your content.

8) Local Services

Find the best services

Need a guide or shuttle, a bike friendly accomodation, or just want to know the best place for a beer after riding? Now you can find the best local services on Trailguide. Do you own a local service? Find out more how you can make it visible on Trailguide here

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