Our Top Trails for 2018

These are our 10 favourite mtb singletracks for 2018

author profileBjørn Jarle Kvande, 16. March 2018

In bikers terms there are so many trails in the mountains like stars in the sky. Every now and then we discover one that leaves us speechless. These we want to share with you here. The list has no rated sequence.

1 Gallinero

Benasque, Spain (8,2km, 1090vm)

Awesome long trail with over 1000 vm descent in constantly changing terrain. With a stunning view the high speed traverse starts and slowly merges into great technical sections on unique red rock. The lower part completes the rush with fast corners on grippy forest floor through the woods. A real gem in the Benasque valley. read more...

2 Matajur

Kobarid/ San Pietro, Slovenia/ Italy (11,8km, 1740vm)

At the border of Slovenia and Italy a long trail with almost 1740 vm descent starts from the Matjur. It follows the endless, slightly falling ridge towards San Pietro on the Italien side. The descent is on the flowy side, but with rocky parts at the top and nice technical sections lower down in the woods. read more...

3 Trais Fluors

St. Moritz, Switzerland (12km, 1260vm)

After you climbed up in the thin air, the first meters feel like you are on the moon, riding on white, fine gravel. Soon you reach idyllic meadows and fly on the slightly descending and amazing flowy trail towards the Alp Muntatsch. From here on you can enjoy a beautiful trail with many roots through the forest down to Bevers. read more...

4 Bettmersee & Slick Rock

Brig, Switzerland (15,1km, 1930vm)

Alpine and technical ridge with stunning views onto the biggest glacier of the Alps at the top. Fast and flowy middle part along the Bettmersee and challenging lower half through the steep woods into the Rhone valley. read more...

5 Visperterminen

Visp, Switzerland (10,3 km, 1280vm)

Long trail through the woods above Visp. Easy along ancient water channels in the upper part, steep through the forest in the middle and high speed between the switchbacks at the end, the trail will leave you breathless. read more...

6 Pierre Avio

Verbier, Switzerland (2,5km, 440vm)

The alpine trail starts with a breathtaking view high above Verbier and the rhone valley. It descents through many easy switchbacks and along big cliffs before entering the forest and becoming steep, exposed and technical. Great trail for experienced riders. read more...

7 Rock’n’roll Queen

Massa Marittima, Italy (3km, 410vm)

The queen of all trails. A trail you still feel when you are already in your bed again. The rhythm of the corners and obstacles carries you down on a cloud made of the purest natural flow. The most awesome 400 vm we rode in a very long time. read more...

8 Maxiavalanche V2

Aínsa, Spain (14,7km, 1060vm

Never ending trail through all sorts of terrain. Over typical spanish loose rocks at the top, rhythm sections with great turns in the woods and over gravel ridges - the famous Margas - all the way down to Aínsa. read more...

9 Alguacil

Güejar Sierra, Spain (7,6km, 690vm)

Great trail for everyone who loves rocks. Always changing between flowy and technical sections, between loose and compact rocks. The snowy peaks of the Sierra Nevada always to your left. read more...

10 La Techa & Foresral & Canada Arco

Alhaurin de la Torre, Spain (5,4km, 710vm)

Close to the Mediterranean sea this is a combination of three consecutive trails. La Techa, super technical with awesome rock sections, then easier and faster but always with a good portion of rocks. read more...