New interface & functions

The next evolutionary step

author profileBjørn Jarle Kvande, 12. May 2021

We have new functions for you and a fast and easy to use interface:

  • Share the current map view with all your settings.
  • Quick acccess to activity categories. Show multiple categories at the same time.
  • Adjust the transparency of all map overlays and trails.
  • Improved ergonomics for the location and zoom buttons.
  • Adjustable menu for left or right handers. Show or hide zoom buttons and text labels.
  • Click once on the screen to hide all buttons.
  • Icons & text lables for easy understanding.

The lower menu bar contains new functions. Text labels and icons make it easier to understand. The location and zoom buttons can be reached with the thumb. Left handers can choose to have the buttons on the other side. You can also hide or show the zoom buttons or text labels:

The share function allows you to easily share the current map view with all your settings in another app. Directly share it in an app or copy the URL.

Now you can see the selected category on the main screen. It is possible to select and show multiply categries at the same time.

Press, hold and slide your finger to adjust the transparency of all activated overlays and trails. This allows you to see the base map underneath. Is it a singletrack, a gravel road or a paved road?

To activate the full screen view and hide all buttons click once somewhere on the screen. Another click brings everything back.

We hope you like it and it would be great to get feedback through Instagram or Facebook