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author profilePeter Seidl, 31. August 2018

In the first half of this season over 500 singletracks were added to Trailguide gets better the more bikers use it and share their trails. It is like a little investment of everyone: share the few trails you know and get back thousands of other trails wherever you go.

We want to thank the contributors for their dedication and for beeing part of the Trailguide community. We draw one user out of everyone who uploaded trails and send him to a great bike weekend. This is only possible because of our partners: the Aletsch Arena and the Hotel Alpenblick

And the winner is...

... Jonas Modin Rismyhr, Norway

The picture above shows him on a bike trip in Colorado, USA. Most of the trails he added, are around Valldal, Norway:

We want to introduce Jonas with a little interview:

What is your local riding location?

Right now I am on the move, but I spent the last year riding in Valldal, Norway.

How many days did you spent on your bike last year?

According to Strava, around 70 days. In other words, not enough!

What do you use to track your rides (gps device, software, ...)?

Polar V800 watch.

What are your favourite bike destinations you traveled to?

That’s hard question, maybe Colorado and Caucasus.

Where do you want to ride in the future?

Thinking about doing more expedition trail biking in United States, but I have so many future projects.

What makes a perfect day out biking for you?

To climb up a tough mountain with a good friend before descending down a narrow singletrack with both flow and technical features.

How do you use Trailguide?

I check it for trail tips when I travel to new destination and like to contribute so other people can have the same pleasure on places I have ridden.

What functions would you like to have in Trailguide?

I think it’s pretty darn good, but would love to add pictures to trails that other people have uploaded.

Congratulations to Jonas. He and a friend win two nights in the Hotel Alpenblick including lift tickets for two days in the unique Aletsch Arena. Enjoy the stay in the stunning landscape with the longest glacier of the Alps and some of the most amazing descents. Find out more about the trails of the Aletsch Arena on Trailguide

Thanks again to everyone who contributes and for beeing part of the Trailguide Community! We hope you enjoy Trailguide as much as we do and we are looking forward to a great second half of the season with many exciting new trails and destinations to discover!