Trailguide professional

Tutorial and guidelines

TrailDigitize and present all your outdoor activities in trailguide to help your guests and locals to find them and be guided through. All with one easy accessible web-app!

  • Present your outdoor activities.
  • Reach your customers.
  • Provide an info & navigation app to your guests.
  • Get feedback and statistics.
  • Connect print products to your digital content.
  • Save costs
  • Manage your infrastructure & traffic.

How to Log in to the management portal
How to upload an activity
How to select the type of activity
The GPS track file (.gpx)
How to add trail description and details
How to add tours and access roads
How to add pictures and videos
How to transfer your content to your destination
How to create a custom map
How to select specific activities for a custom map
How to select activities by a search query
How to create a time-limited map for events
How to embed a map on your web site

Example activity

Below is an example mountain bike singletrack including points of interests and a link to the tour with the whole loop. Click on the track on the map or in the list to open the description.

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