Winter Trail Riding

author profileMorten Trædal, 7. December 2023

Embrace the Chill: Winter Trail Riding

Mountain biking on snow

We at Trailguide love any kind of bike riding (not really, actually we only like mountain biking) and we realised we were lacking a category for riding on snow.

With an increasing number of enthusiasts and organisations shaping trails for snowy adventures, we decided to add the category “Winter Trail Biking”.

Shaped trails

Trails for winter biking can be shaped by machines, dedicated locals pulling car tires, or even by hikers. Riding your mountain bike on snow is quite a unique adventure that will expand and transform your mountain bike experience.

Well-prepped, hard-packed winter trail.

Spiked Tires

Riding on snow will often require either spiked tires or a fatbike. We prefer slightly wider spiked tires on a normal mountain bike, maintaining playfulness when sliding through snowy corners while the spikes let you maintain confidence over icy sections.

Snow conditions

Keep in mind that snow conditions change rapidly and sometimes the snow will for example be too soft to ride on. Keep an eye on snowfall and temperature to get an idea of the current conditions.

You can check the most recent condition reports in the app or on the webpage. Better yet, contribute by sharing your own reports!

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Read or write condition reports through our app.

In Drammen, we have a few winter trails and one of them is Linkløya, maintained by local riders and the owner of Link Sykkel himself. You can find the trail here.

A layer of snow will transform a technical trail into a smooth flow trail.

Got winter trails in your area? We'd love to showcase them on Trailguide! Adding a trail is simple, and by sharing, you help grow our community of winter trail enthusiasts. Here's how to add a trail:

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