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Wherever you are in the app, you can always start searching for content by typing in text in the search box at the top.

As soon as you typed in the first few letters you will get suggestions.

The first search results are locations, indicated by a pin. Click on the location to jump to this place on the map.

Other search results are trails, users, hashtags, custom maps. Click on what you like to see.

A field beneath the search box shows three numbers. The first one is the number of found activities in the current map section. The second is the number of found activities globally. The third is the total amount of activities of the current selected activity type.


In theory data you loaded once is cached and available offline. The trails, pictures, description, the base map (only the map sections and zoom levels you loaded recently).

BUT! Don't rely on this for offline navigation in the mountains! In this case download the GPX file and use it on your GPS device.

Tip: it works the best if you load what you need, then turn of your mobile data to prevent your phone from trying to load new data.

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